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The New York Times – Innovating in Times of Transformation

This recent iNews article tells the compelling story of the digital transformation journey for the New York Times.

x CEO reports on their 300% growth, and this interview xx.

xx Arthur Schulz xx,

their xx Digital Transformation Playbook.

Grace Donnolly writes on Fortune about their Digital Rebirth., and xx blogs about the Four Points of their Strategy. describes how they are Winning at Digital, xxx, and this Wired article provides a

Subscriber First

xx defined as a ‘Subscriber First‘ strategy.

xx a Snapshot of their Business Model, Subscrybe talks through their subscription model, and xx analyzes their pricing model.

and this Niemans Lab article xx

Writing on Medium Denis X xx and Sailthru also xxx in their article.

New Product Innovation

This transformation journey is effectively communicated through a lens of product innovation, as told by Alex Maccallum, XX.

Speaking at a Products That Count workshop in 2018 Alex describes how as recently as five years previously the NYT was predominately a print media business, supported by associated adverising. Now the model is one of mainly digital subscriptions, with over 2.8m subscribers.

Beginning with their cooking product, a first for them in terms of bringing together an innovation team of product management, technical developers and editorial staff.

Alex describes how she built a product team intended to develop innovations in the ‘Adjacent’ sector of the HBR Innovation Ambition Matrix.

It was not an R&D group, such a team already existed, to xx the longer term transformational changes. Her team focused on incremental products for incremental audiences, such as the cooking and crossword products, each operating as a standalone P&L business unit.

x such as the Personalization of Content. and their Bet on Mobile Paying Off.

Harnessing the Cloud

Matt Digan, their xx, presents their case study on how they harnessed the Cloud for this transformation journey.

xx an Inside Look at their Data Strategy.

including digitizing their archives with Google Cloud.

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